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JDC, la tête, la voix des Pigeons…


After graduating from École Polytechnique, Jean-David Chamboredon started his career with thirteen years at Cap Gemini and launched the Cap Gemini Telemedia Lab in Silicon Valley in 1997. In 1999, he switched to Capital Investment, first as CTO of Europatweb and then as Partner at Viventures.

From 2003 to 2009, he was the first French Partner in the Venture & TMT Activity at 3i Group plc. Then he co-founded Isai, “the” Internet entrepreneurs’ fund, along with Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, Stéphane Treppoz, Ouriel Ohayon and Christophe Raynaud.

Among others, he invested in (IPO Euronext), Screentonic (sold to Microsoft), Okyz (sold to Adobe), Highdeal (sold to SAP), and Priceminister (sold to Rakuten).

When he talks about Jean-DavidPierre Kosciusko-Morizet is used to saying :

He is the best VC in France !

For sure, the two of them are true good friends and that is pretty rare in business !

What can also be taken for granted is that Jean-David belongs to the Makers of the French Digital Ecosystem and that is the case since 15 years, now !

So that is not really a surprise to see him standing up to maintain that ecosystem, structure it and make it grow ! Even during the most crytical phases when he had to advise, with others, the French Government in its fiscal policy vis a vis the startups and the entrepreneurs.

Beyond that, Jean-David has always advocated for the Entrepreneur cause in France and this is clearly recognised by all the ecosystem. He continues in this role, especially co-heading the association France Digitale.



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Frenchy : Your favorite word ?
Jean-David :

“Serendipity” since I discovered it (the word) just a few years ago.

Frenchy : What would you change if you had a magic wand ?
Jean-David :

I’d transform crooks/liars into reliable people…

Frenchy : What is your favorite quote ?
Jean-David :

You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.

Often falsely attributed to Winston Churchill.

Frenchy : What could seduce you immediately ?
Jean-David :

Combining intelligence and sense of humor.

Frenchy : What is, according to you, the secret of happiness ?
Jean-David :

Being conscious that you have only one life.

Frenchy : If you were a dessert ?
Jean-David :

One almond dessert.

Frenchy : What in your day to day life remains so French ?
Jean-David :

I’m still a heavy smoker !

Frenchy : What do you enjoy the most in the US/Fr way of life ?
Jean-David :

US work atmosphere has to be enthusiastic or people consider it’s probably better to quit. In France, people are shy to be enthusiastic and they can keep grumbling forever…

Frenchy : One thing where American people are particularly good at that you would like to develop yourself ?
Jean-David :

US folks are good at “forward selling”. I’d like to be able to help the French entrepreneurs I back to become more “inductive” in the way they market the vision and the inevitable success of their companies.

Frenchy : In the US, failing is seen as the first step to be successful later, how to bring such a state of mind in France ?
Jean-David :

By sharing experiences among entrepreneurs…Most successful entrepreneurs have experienced failure(s) before eventual success…

Frenchy : What is it to be a French guy in the US ? Could you tell us a specific anecdote that happened to you ?
Jean-David :

As a French guy in the US, I remember a guy marshalling cars in a public parking. When he used the “cut engine” signal with his hand moving across his throat, I thought he was really unhappy and willing to cut my throat. The “cut engine” gesture is actually different in France…

Frenchy : A French / European GAFA could be possible if…?
Jean-David :

Unfortunately unlikely in the foreseeable future.

Frenchy : Who are the 3 entrepreneurs who most inspire you ?
Jean-David :

Jeff Bezos because he seems unstoppable, Jean-Baptiste Rudelle because he did it with Criteo and Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet because he’s my friend.

Frenchy : The 3 most promising French/US start-ups, top of your head ?
Jean-David :

Blablacar, Sigfox and a couple of others including hopefully some ISAI portfolio companies…

Frenchy : According to you, what is the French touch ?
Jean-David :

Fine creativity under heavy constraints…


Merci Jean-David !


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About Isai Gestion :

ISAI is the French internet entrepreneurs’ fund. ISAI invests via 2 investment vehicles : An early-stage post-seed Venture and a small cap Private Equity. ISAI currently has 70 million euros under management.

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